Bird Song

Along with the fast growing vegetation in the spring comes birds announcing their arrival with their song. Some just traveling through, others here for the summer. Their rich and varied notes ring throughout woods, meadows, and towns.

One of my touchstone’s in the spring is the first Swainson’s Thrush I hear. They arrive in May and nest in the Northwest forests. Their song is melodious, flute-like, airy, ethereal. They are not often seen, but their song rings true and clear.

To learn more about this particular thrush, visit this podcast from BirdNote. This program is a fun, educational and entertaining look into many aspects of bird life and lore.

Spring in the woods

Spring in the woods

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2 thoughts on “Bird Song

  1. My favourite bird is the hermit thrush – absolutely magical.
    This photo reminds me of another (professional) photographer – – I’ve always loved the style, and want to explore it more. This shot here is lovely.

    • I have a whole series of these kind of shots and am always looking for new places to capture like this. It’s all in camera with a slow shutter speed. I’ll be doing a blog post with them at some point. Thanks for introducing me to Frank Grisdale. Great images! I work with raptors and especially liked his raptor series.

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