A Little Bit About Me

Photo credit – Robin Cottrell

Susan Cottrell

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, a land that feeds the spirit from which my photos are created. Discovery and delight are part of my daily life. Nothing makes me happier than engaging with the world around me in a curious, playful, and respectful way. I enjoy sharing that with others and one way I do so is through my images. So thank you for visiting. I’d love to hear your comments and ideas you’d like to share!

For more “about me” see this post.

Camera information – My main camera is a Sony A77 and my current favorite lens is a 17-50/2.8. My next 2 favorite lenses are a 100/2.8 macro and a 70-200/2.8. I also carry a Lumix LX7 most of the time and I always have my iPhone with me which can be quite fun to mess around with. And fun really is what it’s all about!

My photography is available for sale at 7c Photography.

I have oodles more than what I show on this site. If you are looking for something specific, please contact me at info@schimages.com.

I am also a web designer and that information is at 7c Creative.

And in case you haven’t picked it up from my posts, I am obsessed with anything related to raptors; research, observing, studying, trapping and banding, photographing them……you name it.

Thanks for visiting!

p.s. – I’d like to thank Robin Cottrell, one of my 6 sisters (yes there are 7 girls in my family), for the image on this page. It is taken with a DSLR then processed with an iPad app. It was taken when I was on the shore of Chuckanut Bay doing a survey of waterfowl.

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4 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me

  1. J. Tyrrell on said:

    Ya know, if you were to hike up onto Chadwick Hill, the head north of Watmough Bay you could get some really good photos from the north side of the bay too. While still on Watmough Head Rd and while it’s still relitively staightish, and just as it curves off to the right, there is a DNR Trailhead theat takes you to the top of the hill. Recognise the trail head by the large white rock thear the trailhed. I hike it regularly. You might find other things to photo there too. An old hammock, a bell and some hippified rock formations are there. Watch your step near the edges!

  2. J. Tyrrell on said:

    Shark Reef Park and Iceberg Point Preserve are also good places for lenses.

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