Fall through a different lens

Actually this is fall through the same lens. I’m just using it differently. Tools. I appreciate good tools. But it’s more how we use the tools that matters. I long for the newest, fastest, sleekest camera now and then. But I know that I don’t need it to improve my photography. It’s how I use the tool I have that counts. It’s what I see or what I want to see that matters.

These images were created in the camera. I enjoy finding a scene where I can use this technique, because every image is different and sometimes I get one that jumps out at me on my computer screen. I kind of expect to see a fairy peeking out from behind one of the tree trunks in this image.

Alder trees silhouetted by maple leaves

Alder trees silhouetted by maple leaves

I usually take multiple shots because many are either too blurry or not blurry enough. For this scene I just shot one frame because I didn’t think the composition would work for this technique. I ended up liking it, especially the way the grases fade into the trees. I’m going back to re-shoot this one. I see other possibilities with it.

Douglas fir trunks highlighted by maple leaves

Douglas fir trunks highlighted by maple leaves

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